Crafts: #4 Paper Chandelier

Hi Guys! Welcome to another post in the craft section of divertissementblog! Today, we’ll be crafting some fancy spency home decor – paper chandelier!

Paper Chandeliers!

Paper Chandeliers!


We have been seeing these extremely frequently on social medias such as YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter and these have been the bomb. These cute and adorable chandeliers are as good as the original crystal ones with paper notes stuck onto it! Perfect if you’ve just moved into a new apartment and are going for the vintage theme! With its accent brown crisp paper notes and old photographs, it adds an eccentric taste to the entire aura of the room. With the soft glow and appropriate weight, the chandelier is more than just a home decor. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Vintage photographs!

Vintage photographs!

1. Old photographs/ memories

Since the entire concept of this chandelier is to capture memories of everyday life and hang them up; so when you look up one day, it isn’t just the plain and boring ceiling, you’ve figured out that as long you want it up there, it can be up there. Heck it, you can even put up kitchen recipes if you want! As long as you feel the slip has value, put it up there! Take this opportunity to snap up some of that family portrait and old kitchen recipes!

Credits: here!

2. Adhesive

Binder clips can be real cute too!

Binder clips can be real cute too!

You want something strong that is able to bind together the paper slips and the metal ring. Binder clips are perfect as well and can be seen as an option! You could use strings or clips as well!


3. Metal Ring(s)

Something sorta like the inside of a drum set. The strong an sturdy structure would allow you to build on the architecture of the chandelier. This allow you to pin pictures and photographs easily.

4. Metal Chains

Preferably something thick and sturdy so that the entire chandelier wouldn’t collapse under it. This chain is between the chandelier and the ceiling so make sure it is nice and strong. Golden spare necklace chains DO NOT work. Something from the hardware store would be strongly recommended! We do not want any casualties!


Place the metal rings ( according to number of layers you desire ) and attach them together using chains or adhesives. From the old photographs ( or just everything ), select the extremely precious few and attach onto the rings using binder clips ( or adhesives if you don’t mind ruining them ). Attach the top metal rings to the ceiling and walah, you’re done!

Paper chandeliers can be really dainty and adorable as well!

Paper chandeliers can be really dainty and adorable as well!

This paper chandelier is not only cool ( in fact, warm ) to the touch but also visually a pleasure to view! Next time you can renaissance in the olden days as you sip tea and munch on soft butter cookies.The possibilities of enjoying this unique chandelier is endless! And the experience is unforgettable. You could also have fun and mix and match it up with kitchen recipes! Who knows? Maybe this can be your next favorite craft!

And as time goes by, the paper chandelier itself becomes yet another memory.

Have fun and use your imagination.



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